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About The puppeteers game

“Puppeteer” is a side-scrolling platformer game where players control a character named ‘Kutaro,’ a boy who has been transformed into an animated puppet and has his head severed. As the game progresses, Kutaro collects various replacement heads, each granting unique animations and interacting with the surrounding environment.

If Kutaro gets hurt by enemies or obstacles, he loses his head. If the player doesn’t retrieve the head quickly, it vanishes. Kutaro can carry up to three heads, and if he loses all of them, he respawns at the last checkpoint.

“Puppeteers” is a first-person horror game where players take on the role of a character trapped within a puppet-infested world. To escape and evade capture by the puppets, players need to employ stealth and solve puzzles.

The game’s eerie and atmospheric environment adds to the tension, with the puppets designed to evoke a sense of creepiness and unease.

How to play the puppeteers game

Here this steps help to play puppeteers game.

  • Movement: Use the WASD keys to move around.
  • Sneaking: Hold down the Shift key to sneak.
  • Interacting: Press the E key to interact with objects.
  • Looking around: Use the mouse to look around.
  • Using items: Press the Q key to use items.
  • Escaping: Press the Spacebar to escape from the puppets.

Here are some tips for playing the game:

  • Use stealth to avoid the puppets.
  • Solve puzzles to progress through the game.
  • Be careful not to make too much noise, as the puppets will be attracted to it.
  • Use items to your advantage.
  • Don’t be afraid to run away if you’re in danger.

The game is divided into two modes: Story Mode and Multiplayer Mode.

In Story Mode, you play as Martin Smith, who has been trapped in a world of puppets. You must use stealth and puzzle-solving skills to escape the world and prevent the puppets from capturing you.

In Multiplayer Mode, you can play with up to 3 other players. You must work together to escape the world of puppets and defeat the final boss.


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