Small Portable Refrigerator which carries in car, only of 1500 rs.

With the onset of summer season, demand for cold water, cold drinks and ice cream is on the rise. Summer feels very thirsty and it becomes difficult to get cold water all the time. The biggest problem in this situation is when you are going on a long drive or planning a picnic. But today we are going to tell you about one thing that will completely eliminate your tension. In this case you can use a portable fridge. You can carry a portable fridge with you and go anywhere. This will allow you to keep your drink cool.


ColourPearl White
Finish Typematte
Cooling MethodThermoelectric
Energy Star5 🌟
Item Dimensions LxWxHItem Dimensions LxWxH

It can be easily set in the car. You can buy this smart cup mini car fridge for less than Rs. 1,500. Its capacity is up to 500ml. That is, it will work just like smart car accessories for you. You can buy Hoox Smart Cup Mini car refrigerator / fridge and heater from e-commerce site Amazon. The company has priced it at Rs 1,499 on Amazon. It uses 12V power from your car.

By setting it up easily in the car, you can cool a cold drink or water bottle with it. The company claims that it cools the drink to 5 degrees. Its size is 6 x 6 x 14 cm. The company said it comes with a universal design. Because of this, it can be set in any car. This portable fridge is a better option for people who prefer to travel more than their car. Apart from this you can also go with other portable freezers.

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Other portable refrigerators are not so cheap, but they have the option of having more bottles. The price of this small and mini fridge starts from Rs. 1500 and goes from Rs. 8000 to Rs. 10000. This mini fridge comes with magnetic locking doors for easy opening and closing. It has a handle that can be grabbed and carried anywhere. Let me tell you, if you need a mini fridge for office, you can get one too. Which is also easily found on onsite.

Although we do not have information about the quality and performance of this product, Gujjurox does not confirm whether this product really performs like Fridge, we will post a new article using this product with detailed information in which we will provide all the information. Will be found.

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