mandi gobindgarh scrap rate today | Live rate of today

mandi gobindgarh scrap rate today

In this article we show Mandi gobindgarh scrap rate today and update live rate of mandi gobindgarh.

mandi gobindgarh scrap rate today

What is mandi gobindgarh ?

Mandi Gobindgarh is a city located in the Fatehgarh Sahib district of the Indian state of Punjab. It is situated around 40 kilometers away from the city of Chandigarh, which is the capital of Punjab and Haryana. Mandi Gobindgarh is known for its significant role in the steel industry in India.

The city is commonly referred to as the “Steel Town of India” due to its prominence in the production of steel and iron goods. It has numerous steel rolling mills, foundries, and forging units, making it one of the major centers for steel manufacturing in the country. The region has abundant deposits of iron ore and coal, which are crucial raw materials for the steel industry, contributing to its growth and development.

Mandi Gobindgarh has a rich industrial heritage and is a hub for the production of various steel products, including bars, rods, sheets, pipes, and other construction materials. The city attracts businesses and traders from across India and has a bustling market for steel products.

Overall, Mandi Gobindgarh plays a crucial role in India’s steel industry and serves as an important economic and industrial center in the region.

mandi gobindgarh scrap rate today

10 july3710012 mm
9 july3710012 mm
8 July3720012 mm
7 July3720012 mm
6 July3720012 mm
5 July3720012 mm
4 July3720012 mm
3 July3710012 mm
2 July3710012 mm
2 july3735012 mm
1 July3725012 mm

Mandi gobindgarh scrap rate

1 Metric Ton
1 Metric Ton


In This article we provide proper rate of mandi gobindgarh scrap rate today, visit daily on our site for more live update.

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