how to cancel movie tickets on paytm

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What is paytm movie tickets

Paytm Movie Tickets is a service offered by Paytm, which is an Indian e-commerce payment system and digital wallet company. It allows users to book movie tickets online through the Paytm app or website.

With Paytm Movie Tickets, users can browse movie listings, select the movie and showtime they want to attend, choose their seats, and make payment using their Paytm wallet or other payment methods upi and others. After successful payment, users receive a booking confirmation that they can use to collect their tickets from the theatre or as an e-ticket that can be scanned directly at the cinema.

Paytm Movie Tickets also offers various discounts, cashback offers, and other deals to users. It has tie-ups with many cinema chains in India, making it a popular choice for moviegoers who prefer the convenience of online ticket booking.

how to cancel movie tickets on paytm

To cancel movie tickets booked on Paytm, please follow these steps:

  • Open your paytm app on mobile device.
  • Tap on the “Profile” icon at the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • From the dropdown menu, select “My Orders”.
  • You will see a list of your recent transactions, including movie ticket bookings.
  • Find the booking you want to cancel and tap on it.
  • On the next screen, you will see the option to “Cancel” the booking. Tap on it.
  • Follow the instructions to confirm the cancellation.

Please note that Paytm’s cancellation policy may vary depending on the movie theatre and the showtime you have booked. It is recommended that you check the terms and conditions of your booking before attempting to cancel. some cases, a cancellation fee may apply.

Paytm movie tickets cashback

Paytm Movie Tickets frequently offers cashback deals and discounts to its users. These offers can vary depending on the movie, theatre, and time of booking. Here are some examples of cashback offers that Paytm Movie Tickets has offered in the past:

  1. Flat cashback: Paytm sometimes offers a flat cashback on movie ticket bookings. For example, users might get a cashback of Rs. 50 on a booking of Rs. 300 or above.
  2. Discounted movie tickets: Paytm also offers discounted movie tickets for specific movies or theatre chains. For example, users might get 50% off on movie tickets at PVR Cinemas.
  3. Cashback on UPI payments: Paytm offers additional cashback when users pay for their movie tickets using UPI. For example, users might get a cashback of Rs. 50 on a booking of Rs. 200 or above when they pay using UPI.

It’s important to note that these cashback offers are subject to terms and conditions, and they may vary depending on the specific offer and time of booking. Users should read the offer details carefully before making a booking to ensure they are eligible for the cashback offer.

What is paytm movie tickets price

The price of Paytm movie tickets can vary depending on several factors such as the movie, theatre, location, showtime, and seat selection. Generally, movie tickets prices on Paytm are similar to the prices at the box office or other online ticket booking platforms.

Paytm usually displays the price of each movie ticket prominently on its app or website, along with any applicable discounts, cashback offers, or other deals. Users can browse movie listings, select the movie and showtime they want to attend, choose their seats, and view the total price of their booking before making payment.

The cost of movie tickets can also vary based on the type of theatre or screen. For example, premium screens like IMAX or 4DX may have higher ticket prices compared to regular screens. Additionally, some cinema chains may offer discounts or special prices for specific days or times of the week.

Overall, Paytm Movie Tickets provides a convenient and easy way to book movie tickets online, with transparent pricing and various discounts and offers to help users save money on their bookings.

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